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17th -> 19th February (# signed up, # paid)
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Post LAN thread

Postby Techfreak-SSM » Sun Feb 19, 2017 9:47 pm

Ok so SaltLAN 41 has come to a close.

Feedback time :mrgreen:

First of thank's to the Staff for hosting the event and giving up your weekend.
Second thank you to all the punters that attended, regulars and of course our new addition's (always great to have new people attending and look forward to seeing you all returning for future events)


    Sunday Breakfast
    Sunday Afternoon game of rocket league
    HL2:DM on Sunday morning
    Getting to try Overcooked and for EGG99 keeping her cool whilst teaching myself and Jani how to play the game
    Seeing mikes new Doge

    Possible improvements:-
    More structure with the big games, rather than a yell such as "TF2 in 10 minutes" as some people may not have the game installed
    Projector felt a little under utilised (but that could be just me)

I hope everyone enjoyed Saturday night's Jackbox games evening and I am looking to stream Jackbox games soon where people can participate again (more details TBC)

Please post any relevant feedback below from this event and I hope to see you all at the next event in August.

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Re: Post LAN thread

Postby Madjesty » Fri Feb 24, 2017 11:13 pm

No offence guys but I thought this one was rather mediocre.

Sure breakfast wast nice as ever, and a good weekend of gaming was to be had, but you've provided better...

Where were the organised games? (and I don't mean 15 minutes notice before a large match)
Where were the prizes?

Also a suggestion, buy a large cheap bag of plastic cutlery, it will save fork shortages.

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Re: Post LAN thread

Postby egg99 » Thu Mar 30, 2017 5:45 pm

OMG why has hardly anyone (myself included, until now) replied!?

I want to echo what Tech said about thanking staff etc for all their hard work.

Kiyoshi <3
Sunday breakfast
Getting to catch up with some people I've not had a chance to speak to for a few LANs - I think the leisurely atmosphere this time helped
I enjoyed the new Jackbox games - just a bit annoying that it's an American company and half the references are so obscure! I also blame my poor Geography for coming so close to last!

Other stuff:
Agree with Madjesty about the cutlery - or people can just buy their own for the duration of the LAN?
I'm not so bothered about prizes and organised games. If I want to play something, I'll generally shout about it until I get my way. Most other people seem to have the same idea. I actually ducked out of a few en-mass games this event because I just didn't feel very competitive, but this didn't stop me having a good time.
Perhaps we could look at an Overwatch tourney for the future? A lot of us have it and I'm sure we could pull together a few teams of six?

Finally, very gutted I can't get to the next event due to IRL commitments :'( Have a great time people! x

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