Events at CityBackpackers!

17th and 26th November 2012
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Events at CityBackpackers!

Postby xconspirisist » Tue Nov 13, 2012 6:58 pm

Gents, I just got this email from CityBackpackers, forgive the formatting:

Meet new friends!
The best way to fully enjoy the City Backpacker vibe is to get to know other people staying at the hostel. Because we have such awesome guests, we really do. And the easiest way to meet them is around dinner time in our big guest kitchen, where the pasta is free and everybody meet and talk while cooking.

Another nice meeting place is our sauna. You can use it for free every evening,
17.00 – 18.45 (5 pm – 6.45 pm) for the guys, and 19.00 – 20.45 (7 pm - 8.45 pm) for the girls.
It’s a relaxing way to start the evening after a long day of sightseeing and shopping in Stockholm.

Bikes and longboards
Borrow or our badass tandem Hell Betty for free for two hours. Or use our regular bikes, and longboards, four hours 50 SEK. Helmets can be borrowed for free – we like to keep our guests safe…
If you want to rent bikes for longer than four hours we recommend a bike rental. The closest one is Cykelstallet, on Scheelegatan, There is another one in Gamla Stan,

Our hostel staff take turns guiding our guests to Swedish culture in general and Stockholm in particular, since we know better than any tour company what you guys appreciate. (At least we think we do!) So, if you'd like some inside info and advice from a local, you should join one of the Fun Squad activities. Some of them you need to sign up for, and it’s a good idea to do so in advance, since they sometimes get booked out.

Saturday Night Pre-Party!
19.00 - 22.00

Warm up the evening with a selection of Swedish snacks and beverages. (Bring your own drinks if you are very, very thirsty…) Malin will pick out her favorite Swedish beers and ciders, and make sure you get all inside info you need to have a good time in Stockholm.

95 SEK includes Swedish snacks, beer and cider testing, priceless inside info by local, and a bunch of new friends!

Sign up in advance and join us in the breakfast café. Welcome!

and "Lördagsgodis" (Saturday Sweets)
After the pubs (and our reception) close at midnight we open our café for those who don’t feel like hitting the clubs. There will be board games, tea and something little to nibble – free of charge. And surely our night staff would love to put off cleaning for a couple of hours, to challenge you in a game of Settlers or a hardcore Yatzy tournament!

Swedish Sunday Dinner
Sunday night Axel will teach you a really simple, typical Swedish dish – “kroppkakor”. They are potato dumplings with pork stuffing, served with Lingon berry compote, oh, I get hungry just thinking about them…
This is a great chance to get acquainted with the local cuisine - and the other guests!
The Sunday dinner starts 19.00 (7pm) in the café, costs 120 SEK and includes full Swedish dinner, a beer, and of course a cup of Swedish coffee. We appreciate if you sign up in advance so that Axel knows how much food to buy.

Swedish Film Night
Do the names Greta Garbo, Ingrid Bergman or Ingmar Bergman ring a bell? Sweden makes some kick ass films, and we will choose one of the best and show it with English subtitles.
You don’t have to sign up for this, just come to our cosy breakfast café at 21.00 (9 pm).


The Backpacker’s Guide to Stockholm – walking tour

I’ve lived all my life in Stockholm and I love this place. Not to blow my own horn here, but you can’t find a better person to introduce you to my city! We will walk through the downtown shopping area, and Gamla Stan, the Medieval part of Stockholm. I’ll tell you all you need to know to have a great time, point out my favourite places, give you an overview on Swedish history, and explain a little bit how Swedes can be so... Swedish. The tour ends at Slussen, where you can easily reach my home island Södermalm (where most of the bars and pubs are located) and Djurgården, where you will find two of the things on my “Top three things to do in Stockholm” list.
The tour runs at 10.00 (am). It takes roughly two, three hours, and costs 95 SEK.

The Swedish Meatball Experience!
Richard will introduce you to the Swedish cuisine - which even Jamie Oliver says is awesome. Learn how to make proper Swedish meatballs with all the right side dishes.
The Swedish Meatball Experience runs Wednesdays at 19.00 (7pm). It costs 120 SEK including meatballs, potatoes, Lingon berry compote, cream sauce, and a Swedish beer. Sign up well in advance since meatballs are quite popular, and this event tends to be booked out.

To make absolutely sure you don’t miss a tour or dinner because it’s booked out, just sign up in advance by answering this e-mail. Tell us which tour you want to join, and we will charge your booking so you pay upon check in.

See you soon,
Lena, Chief of the City Backpacker Fun Squad


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Re: Events at CityBackpackers!

Postby Wishy » Wed Nov 14, 2012 2:25 pm

For those of you who haven't been along, could I highly recommend the walking tour - far more interesting (and more cost effective) than the standard tourist bus tours
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