Post-Trackmania Vista/7 Woes

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Post-Trackmania Vista/7 Woes

Postby potshot » Mon Nov 23, 2009 3:52 pm

Hi guys,

Cheers for a great LAN, thoroughly enjoyed as usual. There were, however, some less enjoyable side effects...

Turns out that anyone running Vista or 7 who attempted to play Trackmania by first installing the older version that has crappy StarForce protection (an oddity for a free game) may well have contracted really bad aids, the likes of which prevents your PC booting successfully. Perpetual 'Startup Recovery' was the symptom on mine.

While some may have avoided the problem by not being foolish enough to select the first random version of Trackmania they found on DC, others may have stumbled onto the mine unknowingly only to discover upon returning home that their PC was effectively useless. While a few may have resorted to a reinstallation of Windows, the remaining individuals who have deferred the problem until after the following working day, and who are now sat in an office wondering quite what their fate will be this evening, may be delighted to know that a solution has been found!

It turns out that your PC WILL boot if you use F8 to access the 'special booty menu', on which you select "Disable Driver Signing Enforcement". That gets you into Windows once, which is enough to google "starforce removal" or similar, which hooks you up with a convenient utility that will strip out the offending unsigned driver and prevent the need to use F8 for ever boot. When downloading the removal tool, it's obviously a safer bet to take the one from the starforce site, while there are some other sites, at least one, that rank higher in google for the same and seem quite legit - your choice but I took the one from the REAL site and it worked for me like a charm.

So there you have it - an unnecessarilly verbose answer to a bloody anoying problem.


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Re: Post-Trackmania Vista/7 Woes

Postby Freelance » Mon Nov 23, 2009 4:47 pm

Not directly related to the starforce crap, but I can eliminate the need to use the old trackmania games. a while ago i got the itch to run the old (trackmania/sunrise +expansions) tracks that are not in the latest trackmania united. i installed them, patched them, copied out the files and uninstalled them (this was on W7RC which didn't crap out on me, although i didn't launch the game or reboot which is when it tries to install the starforce driver which wouldn't have worked in an OS later than xp)

if you have trackmania united forever (the one with all 7 environments, now lacking retarded copy protection) i have the tracks (49.9MB) and vehicle skins (55.5MB) for all the old releases RARed up. they are forwards compatible and work. if someone wants to host them, i can e-mail them to you.
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Re: Post-Trackmania Vista/7 Woes

Postby Noodleman » Thu Nov 26, 2009 3:53 pm

there is a starforce removal utility that will sort it for you for all your lighting needs

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