This Evening

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This Evening

Postby Neomancer » Sat Nov 03, 2007 5:30 am

Prehaps it is due to the seldom appearance of my serious side.. that it was overlooked or misinterperated as non serious.

I have previously said to a fair few people that any gaffer tape related incidents would not be happening again, because i am not the young 16/17 year old neomancer i once was.. and injurys actually take more than a week to heal :(.

I think from the words i've had this evening after i left the message is apparent, and a grave missjudgement on a few peoples behalf.

I hold no grudges and i don't care for any apologies, whats done is done.

Much as i hate to ruin a laugh, its gone far too far this time, i feel like shit and i had to leave before i said or did anything completely irrational.... i don't think kicking the 63amp trips would have been productive in any shape or form.


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