Help for building a rig!

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Help for building a rig!

Postby legmog » Fri Mar 30, 2018 5:29 pm

Hey y'all!
I know a little about the ''tech side'' of computer building, but am basically a total newb, so I'm deferring to all of y'all expert judgement on the topic :)

So... What do I need it for? Heavy duty 3D work mainly (both real time 3D production like VR and game design, plus rendering), plus motion graphics, VFX and video editing (4k). My main softwares are Cinema 4D, After Effects, Premiere Pro and Photoshop.
Although I know GPU is the future for 3D rendering, I am still commited to CPU rendering for many projects, so this rigs needs to be great at handling BOTH GPU and CPU rendering.
Budget = Around 3k (ish, give or take...)

So here's what I'm thinking.... Keep in mind, some of this stuff is researched, whilst others are TOTAL shots in the dark (this is where your wisdom comes in :D )


AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X ... B074CBH3R4
I've always gone for Intel before. But comparing this AMD processor against Intels i9 lineup, it just seems this one is the best option (especially given the current price offer)

Gigabyte GTX 1080 ... 0wf3oc-8gd
I've heard that 1080's are supposedly the 'top dog'. My only question here is... Is it worth the extra 300 quid for a 1080 Ti?

ASUS PRIME X399-A Socket TR4 DDR4 ... ime-x399-a

This is where my 'lack of knowledge comes in'. I THINK the 'x399' means this board works with the 'Ryzen Threadripper' processor. My other requirements for a motherboard are...
1 - Maximum RAM potential of 128GB (x8 16GB sticks)
2 - Can potentially have more than one graphic card installed (I'm so noob I don't know if this does or not)
3 - Can have an M.2 hard drive, plus space for maybe one or two normal SSD's too?
Does this motherboard meet this criteria?

Looking at any of these... ... 6g4dfd824a ... m1a2400c16 ... 6g4d240fsc

Would any of these work with the above Motherboard?

STORAGE ... ds100t2b0b
Did I hear that M.2 is apparently the 'best' kind of storage these days?

Things like Cooling fans, optical drives, PSU's and the actual Tower encasement are all things I have not thought about yet. I guess it's best to get the above things nailed down first?


So that's it! I'd love to see if...
A = The above options actually WORK with eachother (or have I been a total plonker and chosen things that are not compatible (such is the extent of my noobish'ness)).
B = If A is good, then are these GOOD choices? Or are there much better options to go for?
C = Any other pieces of advice / pointers / words of wisdom you could impart would be fantastique!

Big thanks for taking the time to check all of that out!! :)

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Re: Help for building a rig!

Postby bloodtobleed » Thu Apr 05, 2018 9:16 am

Will keep it reasonably short and not pick around too much.

X399 is the socket type of both the CPU and the motherboard you've picked out, they will be compatible.
If you're splashing out so much on everything else, why not get the 1080 Ti? ;)
Any of those sticks of RAM should be compatible with the kit you've chosen. Manufacturers will often have compatibility lists on their websites where RAM and motherboards are concerned.
M.2 might be the 'best' kind of storage, but you've picked out an M.2 SSD drive which saves you a SATA cable. If you find an M.2 NVMe drive, then you'll notice the absurd speed difference (read & write) between the two. Also the price.

Cooling: select based on your socket compatibility (X399). You could do days of research into finding stuff that's quiet and still achieves low temps. Consider an all-in-one water cooling loop as you're selecting quite a beefy CPU and I'd imagine it'll get hawt.

Tower: Not overly important. Up to you to decide your priorities. You can get a quiet case, or a pretty case. Just make sure you find one that supports the size motherboard you choose (ATX/mATX/etc.).

PSU: Probably one of the more important aspects. Use something like this ( to find out how large your PSU should be to support all your kit. Again (compatibility-wise) this needs to fit inside your case. 99% likely you'll just need an ATX PSU. Check the case specs.

Optical Drives: You most likely won't need one but you can get reasonably priced BluRay readers / DVD writers. Make sure the case has at least one 5.25" drive-bay.

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Re: Help for building a rig!

Postby GiraffeKOOOO » Thu Apr 05, 2018 2:15 pm

So I just did a quick pc part picker for the parts described, also there doesn't seem to be any incompatiblity issues between these parts, feel free to check out the pc part picker list in your spare time.

In addition, there is one possible aspect you should consider. What if you were to buy a premade high end desktop, because even though I'm aware it might work out more expensive, or you will get weaker performance than what is possible with this budget, atleast you will have a long warranty which you would be able to claim regardless of whichever part fails, especially if you're going to have it watercooled, becauses when you're spending £3k on a water cooled pc, you should probably get a warranty.

Unless you want to diy, then AIO water cooling is a safe way to go as they're very reliable, especially from reputable brands like Corsair and Evga, and probably safer than a making a custom water cooling if you're inexperienced with custom water loops :P
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Re: Help for building a rig!

Postby Neomancer » Thu Apr 05, 2018 7:12 pm

Also, why do you need 128GB of RAM?!

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Re: Help for building a rig!

Postby GiraffeKOOOO » Wed Apr 11, 2018 4:37 pm

possibly a RAM disk? Faster than an ssd I suppose

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Re: Help for building a rig!

Postby Wishy » Fri Apr 13, 2018 4:50 pm

With RAM prices at the moment being sky high, I'd spec as little as i can get away with and add more later.
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Re: Help for building a rig!

Postby iMess » Sun Apr 29, 2018 3:35 pm

Case wise, I'm a massive fan of the Corsair range. No reason to spend loads but you want something easy to access should you need and something with good airflow. Corsair 400C should be fine: ... HCEALw_wcB
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