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teratan.net - gameservers, VMs and websites at mates rates

Postby xconspirisist » Wed Feb 19, 2014 8:43 pm

Hi folks,

I've been running a dedicated server (with Neon) for some time, hosting virtual machines in a datacenter in Midhurst, it currently hosts a variety of gameservers, websites and VPSs and I'd like to open it up for more friends to use. So I'll make it simple, I'm offering gameserver hosting, virtual machines (small ones, if you know what you're doing) and website hosting for anyone on this forum (people that I know, obviously).

Hosting will be free for small users, but to be fair, I'd ask for a small amount (maybe £5/month) or so if you start using a lot of resources, over 50GB of disk space, 200Gb of bandwidth, or you start locking up CPUs! - but I doubt anyone will get to that point from this forum :)

Why am I doing this? Personal need for hosting (I run a bunch of websites and VMs myself), and personal interest of hosting people. It offers a few interesting challenges, like how to handle support tickets, security and scaling. I'm a pretty well qualified and certified techie, I've got a good experience of managing much larger environments as part of my professional job. Quite obviously, I'm not offering a professional enterprise service here. If you need guaranteed uptime and stability, please be sensible and pay someone else for a professional service.

You can tell your friends to get in contact too, I'm open to hear all requests, you'll find out how to contact me at http://xconspirisist.co.uk . I'm not accepting everyone by default - I'll tell you if your request is stupid! I've written up a few guidelines for the website hosting here ( http://shared.teratan.net/ ) and I ask that you read them and agree! Finally, in regards to hardware, I've got 1 dedicated server at the moment (shared with Neon) that I'm not going to risk with any major requests or large VMs, but looking to expand to another 2 dedicated servers in the near future, depending on demand really.

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