help help meeee!

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help help meeee!

Postby sooperthug » Thu Nov 27, 2003 4:44 pm

Hiya guys,

I was just browsing your website I see you have a decent sized and loyal lan party following here.

I was wondering if you could all offer a LAN noobie some advice on setting up a successful lan like yours.
Myself and a few others are in the process of setting up a major lan party. At the moment we dont have a website up and running, but that will be happening further down the line.

The reason i am posting here is find out if those who have been involved in
setting up a LAN party of considerable size can offer any advice. I have trawled through the web and becoming aware of the basic considerations such as:

Power considerations etc..

But i wanted to know if there is anything else you guys can suggest. Our aim with this LAN party is to make this the biggest noisiest craziest LAN party and intend to try and attract a minimum of 100 gamers for a 1 off battle.

Is there any advice you guys can offer on a related subject, or any other
resources where i may find more useful information and advertise. I know that you have hosted several popular events in northamtonshire, so your advice and knowledge would be really appreciated.



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Postby Electro » Thu Nov 27, 2003 5:23 pm

Well its a big venture to take on, I can't really offer too much advice here as we would be helping a potential rival LAN party if the locations were the same.

You mention that you want 100 people minimum, my question is, where do you intend on having the LAN party ?

It takes a lot of effort to get 100 people minimum, you would have to do a lot of promotional work and this would cost you a good £100 - £200 to achieve.

It helps if you have equipemt to run the LAN, obvously the networking switches etc, anbd they have to be very very good switches, no 100Mbps uplink to another switch (like a LAN organisation in Exeter have done in the past).

I can only comment on more points once I know where you are planning to do the LAN parties.


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Re: help help meeee!

Postby mikethegreek » Thu Nov 27, 2003 5:33 pm

sooperthug wrote:I know that you have hosted several popular events in northamtonshire,

first off we have only hosted lans in devon, but any way
main thing is if this will be the first lan you will be hosting dont go for 100+ ppl you will go though hell do say a 20 ppl lan first as it takes a lot of plaining and setting up even for 20 - 30 ppl.

the hardest thing to find is a hall to use that has all the things you need,
the main thing is power you will need lots of power for 100+ pc's
if you are running off normale ring main dont go over 8 - 10 pc's per ring main or you will prob start poping the ring mains.

the next thing is tables and some thing to sit on :)
you will not find any of this cheap though.

as for kit you will need some desent kit to run 100 ppl i would recomend atleast a gig back bone bettween the switches, you will also need a server running a dcp server to hand out ip addresss's.
you will also need dedicated games server that run standed games of cs, q3, ut and ut 2003, these are the main games played at lans, if you have a big clan of ppl that play another game its worth looking in to a dedicated server for that game as well.

hope this helps and makes sence. (iam at work and the boss is in the office behind me) if you need any more help post again or grab me on msn or icq.

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Postby Wishy » Thu Nov 27, 2003 6:11 pm

Besides experience and ability to get things moving smoothly, there is another thing thats key to running a lan of this size.
Advertising has its place, agreed, but word of mouth is the best way of getting people there, and if your first event is 100 people, you simply won't get word of mouth in the same sort of way as a lan thats grown organically (IE Slowly but surely)
Also, you'll find a tendancy for people to be very dubious of if it will be pulled off sucessfully. If i see someone saying "We're running a 100 player lan" and its their first event, then i would normally skip it. I've seen a lot of people try that size, and a lot fail miserably.

There are a LOT of things that are easily overlooked.
Power - If its 100 people, your very unlikely to find that working on ringmains. That means you need 3 phase, which means an expensive hall, and a sparky or at least a lot of cable and electrical knowledge

Core Network - If your running 100 players, you can skimp it with another 4 24 port managed switches (And run a few off smaller switches) with at least port trunking between them, or preferably gig. A single 100mbit link between them will fall over and die. Cost price for a 24 port managed switch with gig. About £1,200ish new. you can get them for about 200-300 a pop on ebay.

DHCP, Gamer Servers - Yes, you can try it before the event. It takes a lot more time to config the servers than you'd think. And its certainly not unknown for them just to fall over when you get to the lan. You'll also need some fairly beefy machines

Cables - If your making network cable, expect to spend a long time doing it, go through a lot of cable and crimps. You'll also want crimps and cable tester. If your buying premade, then you'd better have a decent budget

Hall - I don't know how difficult it is to get a suitable hall up there, but certainly all the places i know will cost a lot of money.

Your starting to see how much more complex an event of the size is. And how much money you will need. If your planning to do it as a one off, forget it. And if you think you'll be making any money, even in the long run, you'll be very disapointed.
My suggestion would be simple. Start small. Get decent expandable kit. For example a single 24 port managed switch and a single reasonably specced game server. Start at 20 people, when you have that running smoothly, get another switch and do 40. Repeat until your at 100.
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