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Contacting the staff via private message

Posted: Mon Jul 06, 2015 12:03 pm
by xconspirisist
Hey. You can contact the staff privately for pretty much anything. Including;

  • Problems with payments, refunds, etc
  • Technical issues at the events
  • Suggestions, ideas or comments that you don't want to share publicly
  • Complaints, harassment, problems on the forums
  • Amusing pictures of lolcats ;)

Click here to contact the staff via a private message

Who will actually see my message?
The message will be between you and WestLAN staff. To see the list of WestLAN staff, view the staff group

I don't like the forums, but I like email
We don't like email so much, we actually prefer the forums and we'll see your message quicker. However, there is always if you really need to email us.