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Postby Wishy » Mon Feb 27, 2006 11:52 pm

It seems I need to clarrify the warez policy on this forum.

Any discussion of the following is banned:
:arrow: Links to websites where illigal software may be obtained
:arrow: Discussion of No CD Cracks and or Patches, EVEN IF discussed in a context of "fair use" for legitimate backup. If there is a possible legal use as well as an illegal use, posts will be removed.
:arrow: Discussion of Safedisk, Securom and similar

I hope thats clear enough
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Postby BlackDwarf » Tue Feb 28, 2006 12:17 am

With every legal use, there is an illegal use (that counts for everything, from DVD's to weed)... I think its unfair for you to go deleting posts when the user has a legitamate reason for posting, and is not saying anything of an illegal nature.
No-CD cracks are legal too... providing you own the original copy.
Discussion of Safedisk, Securom etc.... Well... They're copy protections... does that mean this post is going to be deleted because i mentioned them?

I have to say i've stopped visiting and posting on the forums because of the almost Nazi-like take on moderating/deleting posts. I think you guys need to lighten up and relax a little... perhaps give the spamming bitches that constantly post shite on the boards a little ban every now and again until they get the point, instead of persecuting senior members (i mean that in the 'i've been to 6 lans, who cares if you've got double the post count to me, you havnt been once' kinda way'.

More than likely this post will get modded to hell/deleted, but I really want to get my point across. I frequent some huge online communities (Hexus for example), and no-one mentions how to get illegal software (just like here, but if someone wants it, they'll find it and keep it to themselves). Just because it happens doesnt mean you can live in denial and delete any mentioning of it when it appears. The guys on hexus may change a line here and there to keep the poster on the (fairly)straight-and-narrow, but they don't go on an all-out frenzy when someone says 'Ohh, i used this no-cd crack on xxx game cos i'm so l33t'.

Take a chill pill dude.

Peace out.
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Postby Wishy » Tue Feb 28, 2006 12:35 am


The problem is this, theres a lot of shades of grey. If we have a ban on warez, which in fairness i feel we need, then it needs to be fairly imposed.
If we allow a certain level, then it doesn't take long for it to go further, and then we get people saying but why should i get my post removed when person x posted this.

Theres no doubt no cd cracks do have legal use, but when they are used in abundance for piracy, so the line needs to be drawn.

Asking members not to mention no cd cracks or copy protection measures is the only way to ensure that things are done fairly.

If you want to get into specifics then please pm me

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Postby Gooseman » Tue Feb 28, 2006 2:45 am


i agree with freelance, and blackdwarf.

these forums are moderated quite a bit, sometimes too much. yes there is the obious referal to warez which i would agree shouldnt be permitted, but there is also the obvious ones that are telling the truth about they own the game. no-cd's can come in quite handy. the amount of games that are played. it can save time rather than finding the cd to boot. the fileshareing that is mentioned should only be for the patches and updates that the god-damn 56k'ers cant get and if people do chose to distrubte warez whilst at a lan, westlan wont take responisbilty, and they should do it in a manor people will not know about it. i barely post on here now, as i sometimes have usefull comments and then they are cleaned up and deleted in a whole thread cleanup. this tbh must be my first post in a few weeks.

i understand that this is proberlly going to be modified, or deleted, but i agree with blackdwarf the members that mention it, should be banned for maybe 48 hour sessions each, you are running a buisness and there posts could ruin this for eveyone. i admit to metnioning it in the past, but dont do so anymore.

i would like to appoligise for my spelling.

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Postby mikethegreek » Tue Feb 28, 2006 9:56 am

These forums are not moderated that much at all.
We only have 2 real rules,
1: no warez,
2: no personal attacks.
I would class no cd cracks as warez, I know they are technically legal. You can use them long as you have paid for the game but for 95% of the time they are used for copied/downloaded games.
The only posts we will delete are ones that break the 2 rules or posts that are just complete spam. I believe the posts that have been removed that do not break one of the 2 rules is in single digits for this year.

It seems to amaze us that these 2 rules can not be kept to. These forums are very open and are viewed by a very large number of people including our sponsors and the media. So its simple we must not allow illegal discussions on the forums.

The current law’s on file sharing and the like is one huge grey area at the moment.
A lot of websites are being closed down for just pointing to illegal files.
We do not want our website closed down and I hope no one reading this dose ether.

If you have any comments on this please don’t posts on the forums please email us info@westlan.co.uk or talk to me on MSN.

We enjoy running the LAN’s despite how much hard work has to be done to make them run well. Please try not to make it twice as hard for us to provide a good event.


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